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Those of you who have sent in a sponsor me video to Emerica may wonder if it ever gets watched. Guess what? They all get watched, and we review the best one every month and post the actual footage. Submit your clip via YouSendIt, post a link to it in the Rants on Jetski's team page and he'll take care of it. We do not accept YouTube videos!

What we're looking for is short, exciting clips full of fast skating, lots of lines, solid tricks and tight editing that flows. So, be creative, skate fast on lots of different terrain and have fun! (Street, skateparks, banks, ditches, pools, pipes, art footage and everything else are all welcome.)

Please keep your clip under three minutes long and include only music that you have permission to use. If your video is reviewed, you’ll win one free pair of Emerica shoes! Now go grab your video camera and get busy!

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(243) responses to: Submit a Sponsor Me Video

  1. i hope to put a gangsta video out fo sho

    fightingtheman's Emeritar fightingtheman Posted:
  2. but i don't know if i be good enough

    fightingtheman's Emeritar fightingtheman Posted:
  3. we'll see

    fightingtheman's Emeritar fightingtheman Posted:
  4. same here

    xVAMPYRATEx's Emeritar xVAMPYRATEx Posted:
  5. man you guys have no faith.... i know this one kid who had no faith and he sucked so bad at skateboarding he quit and got a...(JOB???)

    sexpistolsxx76's Emeritar sexpistolsxx76 Posted:
  6. sick bro

    aciremE's Emeritar aciremE Posted:
  7. Isn't a "sponsor me video" aiming an actual sponsorship rather than just a pair of shoe?

    Richie's Emeritar Richie Posted:
  8. yea but half the kids sending in vids arent good enough to be "sponsored" so at leats emericas cool enough to post one up on the site and send you some shoes...

    emericakiddd's Emeritar emericakiddd Posted:
  9. man, i want to b sponsered by emerica soo bad but im not good enough to b sponsered by anyone at all. I'll probably go practice and try to make a video. (maybe)

    EmErIcA0o0o's Emeritar EmErIcA0o0o Posted:
  10. you guys all suck let's get down to biznis beatch

    Scamper's Emeritar Scamper Posted:
  11. What's the matter if I'm not from the USA? Do you give a shit about people from Europe? Thanks

    Nando's Emeritar Nando Posted:
  12. kool im putin coped right music on ther so i get free SHOES!!!

    sk8newblood's Emeritar sk8newblood Posted:
  13. How long are sponsor tapes supposed to be?

    KennytheShredder's Emeritar KennytheShredder Posted:
  14. nevermind i see it up there on the description

    KennytheShredder's Emeritar KennytheShredder Posted:
  15. oiuc c fcfgh fgfyi ygybn

    orenlo's Emeritar orenlo Posted:
  16. why are people dying to get sponsored so bad fuuuuuuck iiiiiiitt

    molnar's Emeritar molnar Posted:
  17. Umm yeah it doesn't matter how good you think you are as long as you think your good enough and if you dont make it who cares try someone else to make it on emerica you have to know your stuff how long the video and have a good editor to make it or make sure your good at it and id probably be sponsord by a shop for about 2-3 years before i try for someone like emerica cause to get on them means you need to be as good as the the team. remember your sending a work interview for a job. so stop telling everyone that your not good enough to get on even tho you want to get on. just have fun and go skate!!!!

    brokenboardsforever's Emeritar brokenboardsforever Posted:
  18. Do you guy's have fliers that you guys can send.

    yosafat's Emeritar yosafat Posted:
  19. Damn, I wish I was good enough. Well, I am, and hopefully we all are, getting there.

    cartainopietro's Emeritar cartainopietro Posted:
  20. yo

    doorsfan1213's Emeritar doorsfan1213 Posted:
  21. I really like how the sponsor-me tapes are. I think that you should have the top 3 best ones on your site though so that other people can enjoy the steez of fellow skaters.

    Brian's Emeritar Brian Posted:
  22. We're finding a few more spots in my city here, so we'll be seeing those shoes soon man!

    EmericaisbetterthanAmerica's Emeritar EmericaisbetterthanAmerica Posted:
  23. puttin up the top 3 wouldd be sweet, so i could see the comp even tho i suck balls

    jizzalman's Emeritar jizzalman Posted:

    Just Copy and Paste the link to check the Video I made, tell me what you think.

    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:
  25. attn: webnerd
    i am able to create an account, but unable to validate it, post in the forums, edit my account info, or send PM's. I wanted to send you and your company a link for the sponsor vid thing. Send me a reply back at and let me know what's up with the account thing and why i'm unable to go through with posting in the forums and sending PM's.

    danrob748's Emeritar danrob748 Posted:
  26. Well hes better that me but not good enough to be on a emerica website the only thing really good waz that frontsise smith down the hand-rail.

    leoromero5's Emeritar leoromero5 Posted:
  27. hey go skate!

    GOLDSKATER's Emeritar GOLDSKATER Posted:
  28. any of youo ride baker

    GOLDSKATER's Emeritar GOLDSKATER Posted:
  29. if your not allowed to include music, how come the last two had music?

    woolymastadon21's Emeritar woolymastadon21 Posted:
  30. We can't stand .wmv's and chances are we won't be able to convert anyway, so we'll ask you to resend it. Just stick with the .mov.

    c00ler's Emeritar c00ler Posted:
  31. brokenboardsforever man i,m totally with you. these guys need to stop fuckin complainen get up and skate peace out dude!!

    emericabitch's Emeritar emericabitch Posted:

    I verify my account but it still doesnt let me do anything, unable to post or send any type of PM's. I have a video that is well worth your while and would like to send it to you quicktime. Email me at with an email so i could hit you up with the link. Thanks, Later.

    danrob748's Emeritar danrob748 Posted:

    Daniel Roberts
    Burlington, NC
    20 years old

    *Skate Footage*

    danrob748's Emeritar danrob748 Posted:
  34. i agree with brokenboardsforever who cares about being sponsored just go out and have fun with skating and if ur good enough some one will find out and youll get a sponsorship

    JOHNE's Emeritar JOHNE Posted:
  35. It's amazing how many of these kids admit to not being good enough, it's the internet, you might as well brag about shit you aint got, that is until you send in your tapes .. mine sucks too, however my ssfskftobsdisaster aint none to be matched

    TROLL's Emeritar TROLL Posted:
  36. just have fun with it, skating's the best w/o the pressure

    Alpert's Emeritar Alpert Posted:
  37. You know it's funny, according to your own rider, you guys are very partial to what you think good skating means, so what's that suppose to mean to me ? I'm afraid that even if I was this super uber skater you wouldn't sponsor me over something subjective like, "he's not cool" or "his style is wack! look at all those circus tricks ! haha, how gay, only fag skaters do that !". My question is this: do you really give a shit ? I don't think you do, this is just to get more people to go to your website. Stop pretending you'll sponsor people like this, it's not cool.

    Anonymouse is such a clever name's Emeritar Anonymouse is such a clever name Posted:
  38. ^ We actually care a lot, and it happens pretty often that we flow shoes to people who send in good sponsor-me videos.

    Of course everyone has their own opinion of what good skating is, but the whole reason why companies sponsor people is because they believe their riders can inspire people to buy their product. If your skating doesn't inspire us - and we've seen a lot - how do you expect it to inspire the masses?

    We believe the next generation of pros could well be visiting this website right now, and we're reaching out to give people oppotunities they otherwise would never have.

    FOXXXYZ's Emeritar FOXXXYZ Posted:
  39. Working on that, to send a good video
    but im injured right now :(
    this section is really cool

    butcher's Emeritar butcher Posted:
  40. Do you have to be a certain age to be sponcered? If so what is the age.

    Hannah's Emeritar Hannah Posted:
  41. ill send emerica my video as soon as i make it

    999realegeno999's Emeritar 999realegeno999 Posted:
  42. Hey! I have a question for Jetski.........
    you probably get asked this alot but do you give any of these kids that win every month flow status or do they win a pair of shoes and move on?(im sorry if it sounds like im being annoying)

    azn boy's Emeritar azn boy Posted:
  43. yo i was just wondering how good like you have to be to get sponsored like you know like how many stairs an shit

    John Obremski's Emeritar John Obremski Posted:
  44. you little kids are wasting your time

    thesecommentsrfilledwithposers's Emeritar thesecommentsrfilledwithposers Posted:
  45. hey i just wanted to now ur add drass to send a tape in

    alan's Emeritar alan Posted:
  46. i bet your a poser too. hahahahahahahahahahahahhhahahahahah

    emerica's Emeritar emerica Posted:
  47. i love emerica. you guys are rad.
    peace bros

    cole moorman's Emeritar cole moorman Posted:
  48. Eder's Emeritar Eder Posted:
  49. i hope im good a nuf

    p8on's Emeritar p8on Posted:
  50. joe mo's Emeritar joe mo Posted:
  51. Re: joe mo

    that was the most enjoyable sponsor me's I've seen in a long time

    yesidoskate's Emeritar yesidoskate Posted:
  52. im only 12, im pretty good, but they wouldnt take me

    skater17mtn's Emeritar skater17mtn Posted:
    this is some old footage of me wen i was 11

    skater17mtn's Emeritar skater17mtn Posted:
  54. u niggas is dum
    ima put sumthin a blow ya mindz

    Neeks's Emeritar Neeks Posted:
  55. ill try it but i will just put it on you tube cause i dont know about the mailing

    lil' B's Emeritar lil' B Posted:
  56. man i need to get to filming.

    Emeritar.'s Emeritar Emeritar. Posted:
  57. What are the tricks you should be able to do in order to get sponcered or is it a trick how many amount because i been trying realy hard l8ly and i need an idea of what i need to be ble to do...

    Dillon's Emeritar Dillon Posted:
  58. What do i need to be sponcered trick do i need to have like a lot of basic tricks or like 15 really awsome tricks?.....i need to know so i can start practiceing more...ive been practiceing a lot already and

    BIGEmericaFan's Emeritar BIGEmericaFan Posted:
  59. and....ive been wanted to be sponcered for a long time.....all my shirts i wear are emerica same with my hats i have 2 pairs of emerica pants and like tons of the accesories i think that im already a walking advertisement for emerica and im an alright skater ai guess but thats up 2 you guys ill send in my vid....

    BIGEmericaFan's Emeritar BIGEmericaFan Posted:
  60. i need to get filming

    Jimson's Emeritar Jimson Posted:
  61. on the "you send it page" who do i send it to?

    brandon's Emeritar brandon Posted:
  62. I hope I I'm good enough

    alva's Emeritar alva Posted:
  63. I'll get one soon.

    xyz's Emeritar xyz Posted:
  64. i dont know why everyone is so worked up on getting sponsered just skate for fun and fuck it if you want to get sponsored go for but worry about all that shit later man

    Kurtis's Emeritar Kurtis Posted:
  65. hey i was reading if i send a good video and go to comps. and stuff will i get sponsered and get the stuff people who are sponsered mot jost one pair of shoes

    john's Emeritar john Posted:
  66. they will never look @ a video like this its yust who u know now a days

    william arnold's Emeritar william arnold Posted:

  68. ANDREW REYNOLDS IS YO DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. im pretty good at skating, so i hope i can get sponsered by emerica. they have sick shoes and pants.

    ItsAllAboutEmerica's Emeritar ItsAllAboutEmerica Posted:
  70. hopefully you'll like my when i get it on

    eddycasillas's Emeritar eddycasillas Posted:

    tell me what you think!
    Josh Thompson

    i just want to know what to expect and how to improve but it would be nice if i didn't have to worry about shoes blowing in a week! thanks please email

    Josh Thompson's Emeritar Josh Thompson Posted:
  72. can i just post it on youtube and have you look at it?

    Logan's Emeritar Logan Posted:
  73. Blake White's Emeritar Blake White Posted:

    this is a semi-oldish kinda video of me skatin at tha tennis courts.

    what do you guys think

    colin's Emeritar colin Posted:
  75. M name is Jack Morgan im 18 years old ive been skaten for like 4 years not sending a vid to u but if u want i got some old stuff that i dont care about on youtube......under cattits and u will find me....stay GOld L8...

    ps i got some of your cords ive never been happier.. peace

    jack Morgan's Emeritar jack Morgan Posted:
  76. i want to get on the team
    im gonna try my hardest dont say you can't because you always can

    jarvis155's Emeritar jarvis155 Posted:
  77. everyone just skate and have fun with friends and if you are good skateboarding things will fall into place.

    emmfilmer's Emeritar emmfilmer Posted:
  78. christian skateboarding kayer
    dis guy is ma best friend
    i think he should het sponsered

    gurulekid's Emeritar gurulekid Posted:
  79. I love your shoes and I can do lots of advanced tricks like tre flips nollie kicks,varial heels,handrails,and stuff like that.If you want me to send you a video just email me. My email's

    Ron dog's Emeritar Ron dog Posted:
  80. until when we can't send a video ...

    bill's Emeritar bill Posted:
  81. hey im hank barker i am 12 years old and have been skatin since early october of 2007 and am pretty good for how long ive been sk8n... i can do some pretty technical tricks... wen i get my video done check me out on and type in my name. thanks!!!

    hank barker's Emeritar hank barker Posted:
  82. im "rep flow" for emerica in tucson arizona.. how do i get "flow" for the actual team?..

    brandon kossow's Emeritar brandon kossow Posted:
  83. kay

    dgfasdg's Emeritar dgfasdg Posted:
  84. dude SPONSOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    emerica's Emeritar emerica Posted:
  85. man all u foos are gay it all about lizard king and ellington and reynolds and im going to send a sponser me video and get in emerica because im not going to give up

    jason jay's Emeritar jason jay Posted:
  86. emericas dope!!!!!!!!

    juan vargas's Emeritar juan vargas Posted:
  87. high ollie

    and some tricks

    10gosk8's Emeritar 10gosk8 Posted:
  88. Me and my skate team would like to be sponsored by Emerica. If you have any comments or questions please send an email to Or you can call 267-258-8529.

    Dominic Jackson's Emeritar Dominic Jackson Posted:
  89. I no i'm not good enough at all but people please check me out!

    Thats some of my videos, i got a bunch of good footy ready for another sponsor me video and handrails, grinds,huge gaps and lines, but my camera broke with the tape and the tape is garbage now!

    liveloveskate's Emeritar liveloveskate Posted:
  90. fuuuuuck. alright ill listen to this message and not send u a vid.... but if i see u guys at ASR... tough luck cause ill be pawning this vid off on you. Peace.


    Melvin 's Emeritar Melvin Posted:
  91. man you suck

    chris95's Emeritar chris95 Posted:
  92. Have fun skating, don't kill yourselves kiddies. You could always just buy the shoes from the store. You never know

    mikeskatesnj's Emeritar mikeskatesnj Posted:
  93. Guys just make a skate vid and PROVE that ur the best of the best. Practice makes perfect and that's what im achieving. Sponsor skate vid here i come.

    ubercoolguy's Emeritar ubercoolguy Posted:
  94. what a lag

    snizzel's Emeritar snizzel Posted:

    NWACHUKU's Emeritar NWACHUKU Posted:
  96. I would love to be a rider for your Company! I have footage of me skating.

    tell me what ya think?!
    Email me at
    or write me here!


    -Dan Garb

    dangarb's Emeritar dangarb Posted:
  97. please watch this insane video...ive been skating 3 years and im fourteen!

    matt sanders's Emeritar matt sanders Posted:
  98. you know what is so stupid i remember this kid sending in a sponsor video that he had filmed in one day but the weird thing was it was decent

    dave's Emeritar dave Posted:

    Please watch i really need to get sponsored. this is like my favorite skate company and i have always wanted to get sponsored by emerica skate.

    gripposk8's Emeritar gripposk8 Posted:
  100. I am a real fan of your company your making sick gear . And I would definitly be happy to be a part of the team . I invite you to see my website . I dont have many video but you can see picture and results .

    Tom Lemaire's Emeritar Tom Lemaire Posted:
  101. i really wanna be flow fo sho for emerica the issue is, idk if i am good enough and i have the shittiest camera ever made so there is no way to get decent footy

    Ryan Huffstutler's Emeritar Ryan Huffstutler Posted:

    My name is christjon grippo and i am 12 years old. Emerica is my favorite company and getting sponsored has always been my dream. please review my vid.

    gripposk8's Emeritar gripposk8 Posted:
  103. Name: Matheus de Oliveira navarro fernandes

    age: 17 years

    years of skateboard: 4 years

    Category: amateur freestyle

    Country: Brazil

    titles won:
    9 * place in the world of freestyle skateboard in Brazil in 2008

    6 * ATB place in the ranking of skaters in 2006

    5 * place in the ranking of ATB skate in 2007

    4 * place in the ranking of ATB skate in 2008

    video world of freestyle:

    my video of the year 2007:

    note: probably the next year will compete for Japan the world's freestyle in the city of tokyo, but can only with some help!

    matheus navarro fernandes's Emeritar matheus navarro fernandes Posted:
  104. Man this sucks you guys are backdrafted... It says not to bother you, but I refuse to settle for any other shoe company!

    Please check it out.... Thaanks...


    Melvin's Emeritar Melvin Posted:
  105. i what a bord companie i am the best hurry up and see thouse vidos

    joshua roque's Emeritar joshua roque Posted:
  106. this sux that you guys are backdrafted but im vacation right now and im gettin a camera for christmas so ill be makin some footy soon.. hope im good enough for u, i've been skatin for almost 3 years now.

    Stay Gold,

    Pat_559's Emeritar Pat_559 Posted:
  107. r yal sponsoring

    louis mcglone's Emeritar louis mcglone Posted:
  108. My name is Trevor Curtis. I am 17 years old. Skating is my life. I need a sponser. Email me at:

    Here is a link to my Sponser Video.

    Trevor Curtis's Emeritar Trevor Curtis Posted:
  109. When i get better i want to be sponsored by emerica,baker or deathwish,RVCA and brigada eyewear

    Dennis's Emeritar Dennis Posted:
  110. when can we send a sponsor me video if you guys are so clloged up with videos please respon to me here or at

    sammysk84life's Emeritar sammysk84life Posted:
  111. yes, please let me know when i can send a vid, and if not i could always just send a link from youtube...

    addison van dyk's Emeritar addison van dyk Posted:
  112. Jameall Thomas
    19yrs old
    skating 3yrs
    Carson, Ca
    NEW NUMBER (661) 449 8732

    JAMEALL's Emeritar JAMEALL Posted:
  113. hello I'm bruno bouvier I'm french i'm 15 years old and i would like to do sponsored by emerica
    check out:

    bruno's Emeritar bruno Posted:
  114. Ay im good but i havent put a sponsor me video on..... if not i would be sponsor right now....Here are all my tricks that i can do um um:Kickflip,heelflip,kickflip varial,almost pressure,fs 180, bs 180,half cab flip and fakie half cabflip,ollie to a nose grab,fakie ollie to a nose shuv,fakie shuv,fakie pop,pop shuv,shuv it,nollie shuv, switch shuv,hard shuv,fakie hard shuv,nollie fs 180,switch fs 180,nollie of course,50-50grind,5-0 grind,5-0 stall,nose slide,nose stall,and also 180 to a nose stall,shuv to a tail stall,pop shuv to a tail stall,and 360 shuv, fakie big spin,and many more

    Henry garcia's Emeritar Henry garcia Posted:
  115. When i put my vid please check me out and email me at myspace heres my email Lates emerica and have a good one ill be putting my vid at youtube later probably tomorrow or today peace out emerica and those who can wait to get sponsored babys

    henry garcia's Emeritar henry garcia Posted:
  116. Ay im good just watch wen i put a vid about me

    Henry garcia's Emeritar Henry garcia Posted:
  117. emerica peeps can i put a film of me here at or do i just put it on youtube callme please 1-714-667-0469 check me out check if im good

    henry garcia's Emeritar henry garcia Posted:
  118. ima post a decent sate vid that shoud get me sponsored for sure:D

    thomasslaugher's Emeritar thomasslaugher Posted:
  119. i need money and im really good so where do i put a viedio

    donnie's Emeritar donnie Posted:
  120. I tried a 20 set in the emerica boss purple haze and if you wait till like close to the end you get a real nice close up of it. and no i havent gone back and landed it, i did the splits and decided probably not to try it for a while :]

    and if you want an actual sponsor me tape this is a link for it (the white bosses are used for a good portion of the video :D)
    please watch! i really need a pair of shoes badly, mine are almost done for.

    nice shoe advertising :}

    Paris Milan 's Emeritar Paris Milan Posted:
  121. hey" i'm wondering how long it takes for a wood chuck to chuck wood if a wood chuck could chuck wood.? No lol but i am good enough to get sponsored my consistancy and skill a 14 i think is great you'll see then tell me kkk. lol!

    sk8rfreak101's Emeritar sk8rfreak101 Posted:

    azzhole9's Emeritar azzhole9 Posted:

    azzhole9's Emeritar azzhole9 Posted:
  124. hey emerica is the best hope get sponcered

    tristan's Emeritar tristan Posted:
  125. codyskatedrum's Emeritar codyskatedrum Posted:
  126. no sponsors but i know im good enough

    ben 's Emeritar ben Posted:
  127. dont sponsor me

    mars's Emeritar mars Posted:
  128. hello, that so them shipment auspiciame to see if they like. I am 16 years old and I am of Chile, hopefully can respond to me. greetings

    diego's Emeritar diego Posted:
  129. i have been skateboarding for about 6 and a half years im 14 years of age..can you please watch my sponsor me

    james sushkov's Emeritar james sushkov Posted:
  130. ivansk8's Emeritar ivansk8 Posted:
  131. ciao, mi chiamo ivan, sono un giovane skater siciliano, ho provato la vostra marca e mi piace e la vorrei portare avanti qui in sicilia.

    ivanskate's Emeritar ivanskate Posted:
  132. I live in Athens Greece and i was born in Vancouver Canada!Weeks ego i made my oun video.I would like Emerica to watch my video and inform me about having Emerica as my sonsor

    Dimitris's Emeritar Dimitris Posted:
  133. I've got what it takes for your company.

    Brahnsen Lopez's Emeritar Brahnsen Lopez Posted:
  134. non tick tacking lines, no foot drags, no stair clipping, no rocket flips, however huge sets and rails baby

    Brahnsen Lopez's Emeritar Brahnsen Lopez Posted:
  135. hello,
    i am french,i 16 years , i am a skateur since 2006, could you me sponsoriser or give me a help versus pub, please
    my video:

    dumortier marvin.

    dumortier's Emeritar dumortier Posted:
  136. You if u just send the shities thing video in of u "trying" to get sponsored they will give u a pare of shoes?.

    eric 's Emeritar eric Posted:
  137. theyve bin backlogged for like a year!

    chris's Emeritar chris Posted:

    i know i dont have front crooks down rails or anything like that but i put the FUN in fun-tastic!

    petehasbraces's Emeritar petehasbraces Posted:
  139. Me and my friend want 2 get sponsored real bad.

    CrazyMan's Emeritar CrazyMan Posted:
  140. Dude i gotta put a sponsor me vid of my lil bro!!

    dizzyreynoldsfan's Emeritar dizzyreynoldsfan Posted:
  141. I wish kids would realize that no company is looking for a select list of tricks, or a certain number of stairs that you can do. You people need to find your own creativity and style, and enjoy yourself damn it. Quit actually trying to be generic, go out on a limb and be yourself. Someone will notice, and things will start happening for you. Look at Richie Jackson, he had only been skating for like six years when his part in And Now came out, he has a unique style and take on skateboarding, and people noticed. Not saying you should go do weird footplants and polejams, just be yourself and do what you love to your utmost ability. Have Fun and BE YOURSELF!
    -Cory Tate

    tate's Emeritar tate Posted:
  142. hopefully break this company, because they are rats

    shithead's Emeritar shithead Posted:
  143. This company is shit, really stink

    shithead's Emeritar shithead Posted:
  144. sucks

    shithead's Emeritar shithead Posted:
  145. sucks

    shithead's Emeritar shithead Posted:
  146. sucks

    shithead's Emeritar shithead Posted:
  147. sucks

    shithead's Emeritar shithead Posted:
  148. sucks

    shithead's Emeritar shithead Posted:

    I got this and I'm making a new one so look out for it! I just gotta edit! Then I'll be set. haha. If my computer ever loads fast enough... lol I'll just repost this when my other one is done because I have a lot of new footage.

    mikeskatesnj's Emeritar mikeskatesnj Posted:
  150. heres mty vid

    dont know what else to day...

    mickyskate's Emeritar mickyskate Posted:
  151. Do you guys accept videos from all over the world or just in the US?? Cause i'm way back in Malaysia and i'm hoping to send you guys a footage and get sponsored i guess... But anyway, i'll just send it to you guys... Peace!

    Mark's Emeritar Mark Posted:
  152. Shit, how do I do this? lol I'm stupid!!!!!
    somebody give me directions?!

    ryanracine's Emeritar ryanracine Posted:

    dominique's Emeritar dominique Posted:
  154. go to youtube and type in the creator entry pgc-solja and some 12 yr old should pop up with 26 views

    dominique's Emeritar dominique Posted:
  155. i want to be sponsored but dont have a camera even if i did i have nobody to film it for me

    Webster's Emeritar Webster Posted:
  156. Hey guys im really sorry but i cannot upload my file to yousendit because is to big i know its says youtube not allowed but ill post it anyway

    there is a short clip
    is not alots of tricks but is a good edit nice to watch im 17 years old and i live in UK born in Estonia Tallinn can you please have a look at my video

    Artjom Prozorov's Emeritar Artjom Prozorov Posted:

    i upload it to another server!

    Artjom Prozorov's Emeritar Artjom Prozorov Posted:
  158. dude emerica is so tite

    shizznipple44's Emeritar shizznipple44 Posted:
  159. im already sponsered by spit fire

    antonioo's Emeritar antonioo Posted:
  160. Donne Dortch's Emeritar Donne Dortch Posted:
  161. Donne Dortch's Emeritar Donne Dortch Posted:
  162. Watch Salvia Maniac Skateboards on youtube I hate that fucking skate video it really sucks ass.

    Dale Hensley's Emeritar Dale Hensley Posted:
  163. lucky0u13's Emeritar lucky0u13 Posted:
  164. all you can get is a pair of shoes? how would you go about getting a flow sponsorship?

    juantron's Emeritar juantron Posted:

    sponsor me video
    greg mosier

    greg1983's Emeritar greg1983 Posted:
  166. couldnt figure out how to do the you send it hopefully you check out my vids anyway

    dj perkins 15yrs. milwaukee wisconsin

    dperkins's Emeritar dperkins Posted:
  167. win davis im 17 from kansas city

    winsane's Emeritar winsane Posted:
  168. check me out

    i won one of the playstation am jams (08?)

    dperkins's Emeritar dperkins Posted:
  169. jorge66's Emeritar jorge66 Posted:
  170. how can i get flow for them? I dont just whant a free pair of shoes, i want to get on flow.

    Eric's Emeritar Eric Posted:
  171. sponsor me . skateboarding is my life. i love it. check out my video

    greg1983's Emeritar greg1983 Posted:
  172. chubby bubby

    Vultraz T-99's Emeritar Vultraz T-99 Posted:
  173. Love your shoebrand guys ! ..No wonder it's beeng sucsesfull troughout the world. Here's video of some of my skills, plz don't gudge me just by this, because there's so much more ! hope u enjoy !

    Timo Salopelto's Emeritar Timo Salopelto Posted:
  174. i need to add a video of me skateboarding

    $chedder$'s Emeritar $chedder$ Posted:
  175. i need to add a skateboard video of me and my friends

    chedder's Emeritar chedder Posted:
  176. got good ledge near house about six to seven foot ill see what else i can do ima bring some friends to

    DEv's Emeritar DEv Posted:
  177. holy fuck

    roy pugh's Emeritar roy pugh Posted:
  178. yo check these videos out..some of it is kind of its not the best, im working on getting more..i skate everything from barriers, to ledges, to combi bowls, to mini ramps, to pools, to flat land, even vert ramps....

    rockie's Emeritar rockie Posted:
  179. hi im zachary desrosiers and i was just wanted a sponsorship so heres some vids of me and m friend travis

    zachary desrosiers's Emeritar zachary desrosiers Posted:
  180. i am only 11 years old but people tell me i am good and that i sould get a sponcor and put a vid out thee but idk what i should do i need some more info where could i get some from

    logan's Emeritar logan Posted:
  181. im a beast at 14 years old,
    tricks i can do!!!:
    switch-shuv it
    power ollie
    board slide
    front side board slide
    viral flip
    180 ollie
    casper flip
    hippy jump.
    im sponserd by captives skateshop.looking for more.i need a good camera man.i dont have one.i will send emerica a vidio when its a street skater not vert.i have ben kicked out of vgs,homedepot,my school for skating in it during a baskitball game i ollied the 7 stair,and office max.i skate every day.i cant git enough of it.

    etue1's Emeritar etue1 Posted:
  182. a lot of people say i'm good they say i sould get sponsor but i don't no how to get sponsor give me a tip or tell were to go to get sponsored

    brandon 's Emeritar brandon Posted:
  183. lilsk8er1's Emeritar lilsk8er1 Posted:
  184. Chad Chen's Emeritar Chad Chen Posted:
  185. i am 11 goign 2 be 12 in june 11 i love hsu shoes!!! and i was wondering if i can make a vid whith my friend only 2 or 1 if u want:)

    hdez1234's Emeritar hdez1234 Posted:
  186. greg mosier's Emeritar greg mosier Posted:
  187. daaang, i cant wait to here beack from u guys
    Emerica Shoes are sickkk, i love em
    and Reynolds is Butters !

    andrewwwa's Emeritar andrewwwa Posted:
  188. wsp skaters i want to get sponsored!!!!!!

    shanti koskinen's Emeritar shanti koskinen Posted:
  189. i am in need of a sponsor who can help me produce my two movies. iam a movie writter a producer but in need of financial help

    BRIAN's Emeritar BRIAN Posted:
  190. Que onda banda Emerica pss toii s shavo tengo 15 años me vajo 8 escaleras de ollie me abiento de casas de gab me vajo cosas de flip y de fronside de varios trukillos tambien le doi al riel lipslie bordslide flip bordlide etc .. porfavor si tieene correo agregenme me urge un sponcer porfa

    agregen la vanda k sea

    boris's Emeritar boris Posted:
  191. Hi I am Aaron and I am 13.

    Aaron Tocchi's Emeritar Aaron Tocchi Posted:
  192. tyler roberts's Emeritar tyler roberts Posted:
  193. chris collado's Emeritar chris collado Posted:
  194. skating is my life. emericas are the only shoes i wear. i hope to get a fresh video.

    brad's Emeritar brad Posted:
  195. i am in africa and i realy to you sponsorised me because i want to all the people in africa doing skate because i got lot of fans in senegal but i dont have a sponsor i have one emerica shoes but all the people know emerica in my town because i skate please sponsore me.

    ndiouga's Emeritar ndiouga Posted:
  196. i am 13 and where do i send the vid to where ur adress i got a crappy ass vid but i am better i am shooting a vid to send to u where!!!!

    josh nourse's Emeritar josh nourse Posted:
  197. hey yea i have a video on the globalskateboardingnetwork and you tube. my best vid is on youtube it is called sk8 vid hope u enjoi i am 13 and i can shred way better than that tho but yea plz sponser me

    deyanta's Emeritar deyanta Posted:
  198. I know im not good enough 2 get sponserd by emerica but i might send in a vid 4 the hec of it

    onefullcircle's Emeritar onefullcircle Posted:
  199. im ndiouga and im 13 i skate good my video is on youtube sponsor me

    ndiouga's Emeritar ndiouga Posted:
  200. puting a new video of sponsor me

    bxskateboarder's Emeritar bxskateboarder Posted:
  201. puting a new video of sponsor me

    bxskateboarder's Emeritar bxskateboarder Posted:
  202. puting a new video of sponsor me

    bxskateboarder's Emeritar bxskateboarder Posted:
  203. puting a new video of sponsor me

    bxskateboarder's Emeritar bxskateboarder Posted:
  204. learned how to full cab flip

    bxskateboarder's Emeritar bxskateboarder Posted:

    bxskateboarder's Emeritar bxskateboarder Posted:

    it´s a link to my sponsor me tape and a have skate in 3 years but i havent skate in contests so much.
    but i love to skate in contests and out door.

    alexander holmlund's Emeritar alexander holmlund Posted:
  207. ya but it would be more eazy to get flowed by emarica than to get on the actual team

    alex-taylor918's Emeritar alex-taylor918 Posted:
  208. Joseph Gil's Emeritar Joseph Gil Posted:
  209. peter-connor410's Emeritar peter-connor410 Posted:
  210. this is mine hope you watch it even though its on you tube sorry about that

    joeheshy's Emeritar joeheshy Posted:
  211. Mikey Molina's Emeritar Mikey Molina Posted:

    its worth taking a look at.

    gabby343's Emeritar gabby343 Posted:
  213. mclain fleming's Emeritar mclain fleming Posted:

    sorry all i have is park footy but thats all i have to skate in castle rock but im from irvine figgy dated my friends sister chantel anthony haha

    mclain fleming's Emeritar mclain fleming Posted:
  215. mclain fleming's Emeritar mclain fleming Posted:
  216. mclain fleming's Emeritar mclain fleming Posted:
  217. skateing is a way of life to me

    $k8p@rk's Emeritar $k8p@rk Posted:

    Im 15 years old, and been 110% committed to skating since july 2008 (when i started). Im not the usual kid looking for a sponsorship just to say im sponsored, skateboarding is a part of me, my one love.
    I think my video is pretty good, Im confident in my skills.

    Eric Rogers's Emeritar Eric Rogers Posted:
  219. i hope the worl is ready for me and my team

    brandon cerna's Emeritar brandon cerna Posted:
  220. Sponsor me pleasee!!!
    I know its a youtube video
    but it will definatly be worth watching

    Leonard Chapman's Emeritar Leonard Chapman Posted:
    Me ( Steven Rea) at Martinez park.

    Steven's Emeritar Steven Posted:
  222. this is my friend and i really want to surprise him so please sponsor him!

    james's Emeritar james Posted:
  223. dear emerica,
    Im Anthony from New York.I made a small vedio part this summer and i would love if you checked it out.
    I know im not the best but i skate for fun .It would mean soo much if you flowed me out any thing and i mean ANY thing.hopefuly you like and please contact me back with answer.thanks very much for reading.
    - Anthony LaRocco

    anthony's Emeritar anthony Posted:
  224. My name is Payton ReHill, i am 14 years old. i have been skating for 3 years now and i live in Voorhees New Jersey. I am sponsored by Butane clothing and im sorta flow for DGK skateboards. They send me some stuff and i get a discount on a lot of stuff from them. Here is a video of me and i hope you enjoy it. My email is if you wish to contact me. all im asking is to be flow. Thanks!

    prskates's Emeritar prskates Posted:
  225. I don't just want shoes. I want a video part. I'll get it. Anthony Santistevan "Robey". I watch Stay Gold every night, and Skating is all I have. ALL I HAVE. I'd be dead if it weren't for skating. Seriously, I was going to overdose on purpose and I saw A picture of Herman doing a steez ass HardFlip, and thought"I'm going to skate with him someday". Just Saying. Thank you guys. I'll send in footy in about a year. Nollie Inward Heel down Carlsbad sound pretty decent? yeah, that's gunna be my opening trickl:) Seriously, I love you guys, and respect you all, and look up to you. Stay Gold.

    fuckdatshit's Emeritar fuckdatshit Posted:
  226. josh nourse's Emeritar josh nourse Posted:
  227. imma send my sponsor vid a soon as im done making it

    zach's Emeritar zach Posted:
  228. Im sending one in for the hell of it haha just fer fun :D

    barriossk8's Emeritar barriossk8 Posted:
  229. i need help doin this shit >:0

    barriossk8's Emeritar barriossk8 Posted:
  230. skate59's Emeritar skate59 Posted:
  231. Hey emerica. There's not much to say other than, here a link to my footage, hope you enjoy. thanks!

    Sean Powderly's Emeritar Sean Powderly Posted:
  232. Hello, My name is Zakaria Ettouijri Moroccan your brand appeals to me much here is my video: p
    megavideo link:

    zakaria's Emeritar zakaria Posted:
  233. let me know what you think.

    ismael sandiford's Emeritar ismael sandiford Posted:
  234. biggiej's Emeritar biggiej Posted:


    fredis13's Emeritar fredis13 Posted:
  236. check out 7 years old skater Asher Bradshaw new video

    eDsanca's Emeritar eDsanca Posted:
  237. (1 of 3) I know I'm not good enough to be sponsored or go pro, yet! but im a Sophomore in high school, and I still have a few years so i figure, why not actually try to go pro or get sponsored?

    Imamakeitsomeday's Emeritar Imamakeitsomeday Posted:
  238. (2 of 3) So i skate EVERY DAY! Literally! EVERY DAY! Even in the rain.. Braydon Szafranski is my idol. When i watched Szafranski get that huge staircase in his Stay Gold B-Side and i said to myself," I am gonna skate with him some day."

    Imamakeitsomeday's Emeritar Imamakeitsomeday Posted:
  239. 93 of 3) i decided that i wouldn't give up on skateboarding. I dont suck.. i can kickflip and heelflip, like all good skaters, but i just needed the motivation that i got from Braydon. So im making tihs my lifes goal, im only 15 so i have a long way to go, but i am determined to get there.

    Btw, i go to school with Braydons cousin Chris.. he says theyve never met but i swear to god if he came to Arkansas and skated with me i would cry. I lovey ou bro.

    Imamakeitsomeday's Emeritar Imamakeitsomeday Posted:
  240. (3 of 3) i decided that i wouldn't give up on skateboarding. I dont suck.. i can kickflip and heelflip, like all good skaters, but i just needed the motivation that i got from Braydon. So im making tihs my lifes goal, im only 15 so i have a long way to go, but i am determined to get there.

    Btw, i go to school with Braydons cousin Chris.. he says theyve never met but i swear to god if he came to Arkansas and skated with me i would cry. I lovey ou bro.

    Imamakeitsomeday's Emeritar Imamakeitsomeday Posted:
  241. (3 of 3) i decided that i wouldn't give up on skateboarding. I dont suck.. i can kickflip and heelflip, like all good skaters, but i just needed the motivation that i got from Braydon. So im making tihs my lifes goal, im only 15 so i have a long way to go, but i am determined to get there.

    Btw, i go to school with Braydons cousin Chris.. he says theyve never met but i swear to god if he came to Arkansas and skated with me i would cry. I lovey ou bro.

    Imamakeitsomeday's Emeritar Imamakeitsomeday Posted:
  242. Can I still get sponsored if I live in England¿

    spicycooke's Emeritar spicycooke Posted:
  243. Hey I want to now if me and my firend can get sposerd by baker we live in grand rapidsf

    brenden's Emeritar brenden Posted:

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