Vegans Rejoice! Holiday 2011

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In the Emerica Holiday 2011 line, the following shoe colorways are made of all-synthetic materials. No cold cuts here, bra.

China Flat - Black White
China Flat Black White

China Flat - Dark Navy
China Flat Dark Navy

Hobo - Dark Grey
Hobo Dark Grey Grey

Jinx - Black Green
Jinx Black Green

Laced - Black
Laced Black

Wino - Black Gum
Wino Black Gum

Wino - Chocolate
Wino Chocolate

Wino Mid - Dark Navy
Wino Mid Dark Navy

Wino Mid - Oxblood
Wino Mid Oxblood

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(3) responses to: Vegans Rejoice! Holiday 2011

  1. Emerica,
    I've been skating you Hsu's Lows, they are felixable and have great padding; the Irtho Light Tech. is amazing. It feels like your stepping on a Temper-pedic. I've been skating the shoe's for a month, usually by now they would be done, trashed unlike my last shoes (Etnies Malto). These Emerica's are my last pare of shoes, I've been hurting greatly on shoe's, I've been relying on Shoe Goo for awhile.

    Christian Chavez's Emeritar Christian Chavez Posted:
  2. Only one real skate shoe this time around on the vegan list. What gives Emerica?

    streets's Emeritar streets Posted:
  3. Need more heavy duty vegan shoes! Those all look like they'd rip in twenty ollies.

    mikeskatesnj's Emeritar mikeskatesnj Posted:

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