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  • my feet are ruined from the new Reynolds low vulcs. They are like a sock compared to previous models, no support or durability AT ALL.I am a long time customer and i am extremely disapointed at the massive downgrade on quality. I will be moving to another company

    levi0431's Emeritar levi0431 Posted:
  • YOU GOT IT! Frustration takes over but I forget Emerica has been low key !!! Still here tho!!! As long as I can I'll be an Emerican. Sure you don't actually read this shit but my bad!!!

    sab3r-wvlf's Emeritar sab3r-wvlf Posted:
  • I get it Big Homie! All these non skate companies are raping the industry. But at this point all you can do is compete! Tell these lazy niggaz to get off there ass and work!!!! This my friend is business nothing more or less! You are EMERICA Show it!!! I believe in this shit. Why don't you!???

    sab3r-wvlf's Emeritar sab3r-wvlf Posted:
  • You HAVE to bring back the Reynolds 1 WITH the airbag... i cant skate any more until i put those shoes on! PLEEEAAZZE
    -Jdawg in SEA

    emerica-skater89's Emeritar emerica-skater8... Posted:
  • you should let me be on your skate team

    nathaniel559reelskate's Emeritar nathaniel559ree... Posted:
  • yo wats good drew I met u a really long time ago at holenbeck.... and I just wanted to know if u will ever put out a retro edition of the Reynolds1 in black n gum n I know u allways use this color way on most of ur shoes but the Reynolds1's are the best shoe by far I ever skated on I would pay anything to get a pair of those shoes again I kant find them no were

    dr-gooch's Emeritar dr-gooch Posted:
  • Dude u are like an amazing skater keep up the good work

    eagleboy13's Emeritar eagleboy13 Posted:
  • Hi bro! you are the best really the big boss! ! You are my Idol since I was a teenager so I'm a big fan of you and all the Reynolds stuff. Merry Christmas and Happy holidays.
    Greetings from Costa Rica boss
    BrianG. :D

    bra06's Emeritar bra06 Posted:

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