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Andrew Reynolds is a true skateboarding legend. He’s one of the most well-known and respected pros ever, a tried and true lifer who never fails to deliver the most technical tricks the biggest way with total style.

Andrew Reynolds hails from Lakeland, Florida, about a stone's throw from Tampa, where he started skating at age nine back in 1987. Old Powell videos of the time inspired Andrew and friends' to start attacking launch ramps and wall rides.

Later, the Skatepark of Tampa provided occasional fun for Andrew. He turned pro for Birdhouse back in 1995 and promptly racked up a couple of 1st place showings at contests. These days, Andrew doesn't like or enter contests as much--even though he's done well in them over the years.

Raw Info: Andrew loves diamonds, collecting jewelry, shopping for clothes and DVDs, playing guitar and editing video footage of himself and his friends on his PowerBook.

Andrew made the big move from the sticks of Florida to Huntington Beach, California in 1997. It was there he encountered the "Hey, bro!" lifestyle of So Cal surfers, neo-rockabilly greasers and other random bits of tattooed, pierced flotsam and driftwood in all their glory. Andrew quickly shed his Southern accent and slowly migrated to Hollywood, where the lure of the constant nightlife nearly swallows up a skater's desire to ride.

Drew used to party hard with Jim Greco, Erik Ellington, Ali Boulala and the Piss Drunks, but now he’s totally clean, sober and skating better than ever--frontside kickflipping his six-foot, two-inch frame like a there's million more tomorrows. As everyone knows, Drew is also the founder and owner of Baker Skateboards, one of the most highly respected companies of all time.

These days, Andrew lives in Los Angeles, CA with his daughter, Stella.

Andrew rides for Emerica, Baker, Independent, Baker Wheels, Altamont, Shake Junt and Nixon.

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(118) responses to: Andrew Reynolds Biography

  1. The best pro in the world.

    WarrenJ's Emeritar WarrenJ Posted:
  2. Cant get any better than drew dawg, still rippin to this day! the BOSS of shit

    est's Emeritar est Posted:
  3. new website is dannnkkkkk

    mongolskater101's Emeritar mongolskater101 Posted:
  4. yo you rock. Im riding a Baker Reynolds right now.

    SKAT3R's Emeritar SKAT3R Posted:
  5. your skating is the best

    skate3merica's Emeritar skate3merica Posted:
  6. dude i skated with u a long time ago at the lakeland skatepark.i finnaly got the freakin handrail, WHOO!

    sk8r182's Emeritar sk8r182 Posted:
  7. besy skater..when is the new baker vidoe dropping

    veektor's Emeritar veektor Posted:
  8. i met him once.

    rhinoroper92's Emeritar rhinoroper92 Posted:
  9. Andrew, you rock

    Scuba's Emeritar Scuba Posted:
  10. dude, do you make chap stick?

    colewarren11's Emeritar colewarren11 Posted:
  11. Andrew your skating is amazing, and emerica Reynolds 3 is sik

    dwreynoldsfan2428's Emeritar dwreynoldsfan2428 Posted:
  12. you are the best

    emericakrew's Emeritar emericakrew Posted:
  13. so right so everything.
    Andrew's got Light inside

    3life's Emeritar 3life Posted:
  14. AR is the only and always will be the only BOSS

    anything + BOSS = FUN

    baker33's Emeritar baker33 Posted:
  15. Dude, Andrew, you can skate the biggest things with so much style. You ARE the best street skater. I love skating Emerica. They're so comfy and such good skate shoes. Especially the Reynolds 3's and The Boss.

    Some Dude's Emeritar Some Dude Posted:
  16. ricardo you mean f/s flip? damn you're amazing good luck on stay gold and baker 4

    iridekrooked's Emeritar iridekrooked Posted:
  17. aye, u prolly never get on here, but don't you have a new clothing company?

    altamont, right? well if its your company, its sick. i just ordered the herman demin i'm pretty phyched. one questiion though. whats with the not washing them for six months?

    peace -Dario

    dario's Emeritar dario Posted:
  18. Can't wait to get my hands on The Light in fall this year.

    Some Dude's Emeritar Some Dude Posted:
  19. foreal the boss is the best. there isnt anyone who can do a kick-flip catch 45 degrees and then land perfect everytime.or nollie 3 like is cake!

    vinniesmith's Emeritar vinniesmith Posted:
  20. idolo compare el mejor flip front de todos lo time
    flip shifty flip back flipaaazo

    tirate unas ar slim si po drew

    paperriar's Emeritar paperriar Posted:
  21. when you come to amazon rain forest?

    evol's Emeritar evol Posted:
  22. sup dude im new to the site and i have no friends :( "hint hint"

    Eric's Emeritar Eric Posted:
  23. when you're come in italy????

    ozzy1986's Emeritar ozzy1986 Posted:
  24. What's up Andrew? You're one of my favorite skaters, you rip man!!

    basicskateboards's Emeritar basicskateboards Posted:
  25. sup u rock and ur my fav skater ur fs kickflips are out of this and my friend want get to get sponcerd by baker, mail me back about what u think.


  26. hey man you are the best I like your f/s flip no hablo ingles pero el skateboarding no necesita ningun idioma en especial a la final todos los skater somos unidos no importa la nacionalidad o el idioma que se hable thanks emerica are the best team in the world

    pixell123's Emeritar pixell123 Posted:
  27. do you want to come to venezuela? we can skate here in every where we want so come here man you are the best..........

    pixell123's Emeritar pixell123 Posted:
  28. whens the new baker site gonna be up and running?

    sadaj-101's Emeritar sadaj-101 Posted:
  29. u break the steez barrier

    emerica686's Emeritar emerica686 Posted:
  30. You are the best skater ever

    alva's Emeritar alva Posted:
  31. your reynolds 3 are sick as hell im just finding more and more...just wish i could buy them all....oohhh and i saw your emerica mansion for the first time it was ok but the tightest thing was you skating in side that was NAR!!!!

    bert--aaal's Emeritar bert--aaal Posted:
  32. Damn you should come to michigan that would be sweet ass. yeah i can't travel it sucks. i would pay to see you guys skate and i am sure all the skaters around here would think that would be sweet


    sk8-4-life2001's Emeritar sk8-4-life2001 Posted:
  33. WALLENBURG! shit son. is it true you landed it. reading your interview in transworld doesnt sound like you did.

    Tyson Funk 's Emeritar Tyson Funk Posted:
  34. the best in the business, without question

    deezy's Emeritar deezy Posted:
  35. come to oakland county michigan we are all chill here even though we mostly snowboard here we skate in the summer you are boss

    come and visit

    whoshowers's Emeritar whoshowers Posted:
  36. so hows life Andrew?

    Snort's Emeritar Snort Posted:
  37. u r the most amazing skater in the world. u r the reason that i started skating. thanx 4 da inspiration.

    hardxcorexskater's Emeritar hardxcorexskater Posted:
  38. your tricks are sick! rock on

    GnarSurfer's Emeritar GnarSurfer Posted:
  39. u r my favorite skate my number one favorite and thts so sick tht u made baker i luv tht team u guys are so good u and jim greco are my favorites on baker well later skater

    skateordie777's Emeritar skateordie777 Posted:
  40. Reynolds is the best skater out there fools!!!!!!!!!

    reynoldsfan180's Emeritar reynoldsfan180 Posted:
  41. ay man your my idol

    sk8jr9075's Emeritar sk8jr9075 Posted:
  42. this dude is the sickest sk8er ever.

    bakersk8er's Emeritar bakersk8er Posted:
  43. Nice! Best Pro Fo Sho.

    sk8-4-life2001's Emeritar sk8-4-life2001 Posted:
  44. Dude Andrew YOU guys have to come to foothill high in Santa ana ca amazing. 8, 6,7,5,4,3 stairs dirt gap, fat ledges just remodeled! they put this fat skates stops down but they dont look bolted fuck we need pros to shred this school! hit me up!

    gabe's Emeritar gabe Posted:
  45. YOU rock at skateing

    logan23's Emeritar logan23 Posted:
  46. fala ae sangue bom!!!, meu nome é Claudio e sou seu maior fan, eu ando de skate ha 11 anos e gostaria agora que tive essa oportunidade de parabeniza-lo primeiramente por ser um skatista que sempre mostra um constante evolução, com uma característica única e apreciavel!

    Você vai vir para o 14 X-Games no brasil???

    gostaria também de fazer um convite, de você andar numa sessão comigo ali pertinho do local onde será realizado o evento, no Parque da Juventude, seria de muito gosto de minha parte fazer uma sessão contigo!!!

    ficarei esperando ok.

    aquele abraço.

    claudio's Emeritar claudio Posted:
  47. I'm looking forward to see your new shoe.

    warrior's Emeritar warrior Posted:
  48. I LOVE YOU YOU PWN THE SK8 world

    0kyle0jelly's Emeritar 0kyle0jelly Posted:
  49. yo your dope. Add me even tho i super sketchy and new/

    thisisskateboarding's Emeritar thisisskateboarding Posted:
  50. Hollyy shiiit.... you're the best pro ever... kicking ass style...

    dask8's Emeritar dask8 Posted:
  51. When you gunna post a pic of them new kicks?
    Can they get much better than the 3's.

    DaltonHarris's Emeritar DaltonHarris Posted:
  52. Hey man whats up!?
    Iam from Brazil anda here there is only one store that sells emerica but the price...
    is very very high
    so Iwant you to giveme a pair o emerica Rynolds 2 to try it out a bit
    please read my comment!

    nicolai's Emeritar nicolai Posted:
  53. i love your front flips

    sebaskater's Emeritar sebaskater Posted:
  54. Mistrz

    przemooemerica's Emeritar przemooemerica Posted:
  55. andrews my idol everytime i step on my skate i think of him man hes the shit

    connorsprayson's Emeritar connorsprayson Posted:
  56. happy birthday the boss you are the best skater :P from venezuela you are the best skater all time :)

    leosk8's Emeritar leosk8 Posted:
  57. my frien dakota skates just like you - he only skates your models

    andyd's Emeritar andyd Posted:
  58. he's the reason i started skating i wana meet him sometime

    kevinsk8s's Emeritar kevinsk8s Posted:
  59. HE put the capital "B" in The Boss !!!

    chrispybrown's Emeritar chrispybrown Posted:
  60. let the hippie ride

  61. Hey amn Iwas ridin a baker but it broke .Will you sign it?Anyway your skatin is sick.Say hi to TK for me.BAKER FO LIFE!!!PEACE

    guzpacho's Emeritar guzpacho Posted:
  62. Hey andrew whats up you are a great skateboarder man i admire you dude just wanted to say hi and keep on skatin bro you rock you now andrew i've been kind of crazy in a few months ago i regret that man i was a skateboarder but just decide to stay calm and out of skateboarding i'm feeling a little depressed buts its ok man iam a kid from mayaguez but thats ok man just chill out bro i wish you were my friend and i skated with you and the guys from your team but its ok peace out man it would be the best thing that can happened in my fucked up life you now man wish i had friends like you andrew peace take care man wish the best things in life bro

    ilovemylife's Emeritar ilovemylife Posted:
  63. hey andrew is the same kid bothering you bro you know andrew i was pretty much a hardcore skateboarder feeling like a pro you know just having fun skating the streets doing crazy stuff trying to impress girls but thats kind not work out for me you know bro i've been alone whitout a girlfriend for 4 years and thats kind of crazy and done stupid things this past month but its kool bro you know i just tried to impress girls try make my dream come true but guess i live in a place when there are broken dreams you know man people dont understand i'm feeling a little sad andrew really sad smoking too much cigarettes dont know what to do

    ilovemylife's Emeritar ilovemylife Posted:
  64. you know andre the other day i was feeling really sad dude and i just took the navaja wich it used to cut the grip tape and i just wanted to cut my vines but i love my life i didnt do it bro lifes great nobody can take out your life i think thats pretty much fucked up if somebody do something like that bro the thing is andrew i skated to impress girls in a way but girls seem no to like nme bro i'm totally fucked up bro i look at the mirror to see if i'm ugly bro cuz girls man dont like me i think they dont talk to me or seem to whant to know me thats fucked up bro i know that i dont have a job but its kool i was a nice hardcore skateboarder you know man 4 years andrew whitout a girlfriend

    ilovemylife's Emeritar ilovemylife Posted:
  65. you know andrew my dream was to wake up in the morning whit a board and just go out and skate have some fun and stuff and enjoi skating like for me it sounded kool like to have free stuff to used and represent a skateboard brand and stuff like that yuou know like have complete skateboards yeah to go and rip off everyday and enjoy it having fun impress the ladies and be recognize as a skateboarder but things in here quit not work out for me andrew wich i had a boss like you buts thats ok cuz i stopped skating cuz everything was fucked up no girl no nothing big badtrip dude i wont bother you no more

    ilovemylife's Emeritar ilovemylife Posted:
  66. hey andrew bro i quit skateboarding cuz i skated my ass off for 10 years and never got sponsor you know bro and i just decided to quit i made a couple of sponsor me videos preetty much hardcore but then i decided just to skate and do my thing just skating for me and enjoing doing my tricks you know bro but its okay i dont know how to express my self bro but its ok bro if someone someday ask me something i could tell him the way i feel and stuff but its ok andrew i just decide to stay off skateboarding for many reasons peace out

    ilovemylife's Emeritar ilovemylife Posted:
  67. He puts the capital B in the boss

    dgk-all-day's Emeritar dgk-all-day Posted:
  68. shit, i know its been a litttle while since you been livin clean, but your a rad inspiration to junkies like me who look for reasons to live without the bottles, bags and so forth. nice to see similar people makin it. thanks for the added push. good luck with ur business and all. skateboarding NEVER dies, even when the wheels fall off for good. stay true.

    chinfoam's Emeritar chinfoam Posted:
  69. dude u a fucking beast

    oki-sk8r's Emeritar oki-sk8r Posted:
  70. dude andrew if ur readin this ur the sickest most gnar skater eva!!!! dude i m totaly gettin ur new reynolds lights. i cant find em any where though

    $teve's Emeritar $teve Posted:
  71. Nice!!

    Bour's Emeritar Bour Posted:

    strangebake's Emeritar strangebake Posted:
  73. hi andrew

    setmeup's Emeritar setmeup Posted:

    Snazzed Up's Emeritar Snazzed Up Posted:
  75. i love the reynold 3's

    here are mine + more at my friends house + the pair i was wearing

    iamnotjaketaylor's Emeritar iamnotjaketaylor Posted:
  76. u fuckin best

    skatelov's Emeritar skatelov Posted:
  77. dude your skating is amazing i rode the reynolds 3s and they were amazing and i have reynolds lights and they are amazing they are so light i cant even feel them on my feet and its just pop flick grip catch and throw down any fuckin trick you want. I had a baker board a while ago stay stoked bro oh and you should com to grass valley the hicks out here really need it see yah bro.

    spankymaniak's Emeritar spankymaniak Posted:
  78. best skater and hes the gnarest fucker out there.

    Mike's Emeritar Mike Posted:
  79. damn why does nobody ever come to italy???

    piher's Emeritar piher Posted:
  80. totally awesome skater... the best in my opinion.

    cplmohawk's Emeritar cplmohawk Posted:
  81. he rocks

    STACI's Emeritar STACI Posted:
  82. andrew, is my god!!!!!!

    connorsprayson's Emeritar connorsprayson Posted:
  83. Best skateboarder. That backside flip over wallenburg is sick.

    ramsey1's Emeritar ramsey1 Posted:
  84. best skater in the freakin world. all the way!

    mlanesk8er's Emeritar mlanesk8er Posted:
  85. yo andrew, your like the best skater ever. how long did it take for you to land a frontside flip? and are emerica or baker doing a tour in england soon?

    tobyb's Emeritar tobyb Posted:
  86. i wonder if he ever gonna hit up some of my spots

    maharba459's Emeritar maharba459 Posted:
  87. that is not good, im sorry i had to say it reynolds all of them are greast guys by what iv'e watched and what not, and im sure they can put stuff together thats good. I'd like to hear a cover of get thy bearings, nice and chilled. i reckon that would be cool

    steve86's Emeritar steve86 Posted:
  88. you're a real pro sk8r drew,nvr fuckin join d contest... huhuhuhu

    rhenska's Emeritar rhenska Posted:
  89. Andrew Reynolds is DA BOMB

    kyle25x's Emeritar kyle25x Posted:
  90. Can u please tell me when your coming to missouri next? pls answer back

    kyle25x's Emeritar kyle25x Posted:
  91. Hero.

  92. yea he is my skating inspiration he is the reason why i stated skatin in the first place he is one of my hero's

    sk8warrior's Emeritar sk8warrior Posted:
  93. Man you really inspired me, you can just do evering man ! stay cool.

    freeman's Emeritar freeman Posted:
  94. Dude, ur amazing. Love ur Cruisers.

    lazyflip's Emeritar lazyflip Posted:
  95. fucking god

    if jesus were alive and could skate his name would be andrew reynolds and he would own baker and altamont and skate for emerica hahah

    anthony!'s Emeritar anthony! Posted:

    volsk's Emeritar volsk Posted:
  97. Dude, seriously, you are the best skateboarder like EVER!!

    bakerking123's Emeritar bakerking123 Posted:
  98. you r sick

    theocrazykid's Emeritar theocrazykid Posted:
  99. I believe that there is no a skater mas beast for that reynolds for my since enpese in the skate always it was a motivation to see his(her,your) videoes I wait before dying to be able to see it jumping in algun place of chili, regards Andrew reynolds from chili

    andrewskt's Emeritar andrewskt Posted:

    emericanidiot25's Emeritar emericanidiot25 Posted:
  101. after i read that i have more information, oh and by the way nice to meet you at skatepark of tampa

    raymond's Emeritar raymond Posted:
  102. andrew THE B0SS reynolds iz a skater 2 ever d0 it..hands d0wn..cant wait 2 c ur part in the emerica vid...STAY GOLD!!!!

    d00m95's Emeritar d00m95 Posted:
  103. Andrew, let me stay at one of your skate houses. Promise you I'll shred really hard and join yall on the next wild ride. I know your the boss but I want a raise in this life I'd be a pornstar, an astronaut, and a member of the Emerica team if I was a little more productive when I was younger. If I was an astronaut I'd surpass all your skills on a board and I'd hire YOU. I'll come to the premiere in Van. Peace.

    grave-e's Emeritar grave-e Posted:
  104. one of the most best of all time

    Anthony's Emeritar Anthony Posted:
  105. EPIC

    cmgoskate's Emeritar cmgoskate Posted:
  106. hell ya. keep shredin. im in a band but i still skate.

    michael's Emeritar michael Posted:
  107. The boss!

    shakealone1's Emeritar shakealone1 Posted:
  108. wow.. there's nothing in this world who skates like the boss.. no one!! me and my friends watch STAY GOLD everyday.. best part ever is the boss part.. specially the b/s flip in wallenburg and the huge kickflip.. we just can't help ourselves but scream.. GOD he's amazing.. i wish baker boys must come here in the philippines.. :)

    philemerican's Emeritar philemerican Posted:
  109. hey just got my third sponor a week ago well jst switched from a skate shop that shut down cause i dont ride for them anymore then i went with west 49 and now im with boarding house and probably gonna stay with thme for a while but im just wounder you should come skate in medicine hat alberta theres some pretty sick spots downtown but yeah and the new reynolods 3 are so sick but come down and skate sometime its acuually pretty dope

    zach's Emeritar zach Posted:
  110. i like how is references the other rad dudes as the Piss Drunks no other way to go

    slimbraad's Emeritar slimbraad Posted:
  111. i like how is references the other rad dudes as the Piss Drunks no other way to go

    slimbraad's Emeritar slimbraad Posted:
  112. you're an inspiration to me. i love your skating. you kill it everytime! the boss forever

    mariahemerica's Emeritar mariahemerica Posted:

    jackie15's Emeritar jackie15 Posted:
  114. emerica has the best team

    herii's Emeritar herii Posted:
  115. good job with altamont! probably the comfiest and best pants ive ever had. its the sickest clothing company out there as well. the reynolds cruisers are tight too!

  116. drew the best..
    my idol in skateboarding..
    yeah, go "the boss"..

    haffiz's Emeritar haffiz Posted:
  117. this guy is the best skater ever

    skater19's Emeritar skater19 Posted:
  118. men adrew is siiiiiiiickkk,
    I ONESTLY THINK i Hve neve eve seen such a pro with such a confidece and technique at te moment of doin it for the first time




    fernando666guzman's Emeritar fernando666guzman Posted:

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