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There's a world full of puds out there bustin' big, tech tricks left and right, but few who can pull it off with the kind of eye-soothing style that makes you happy you have 20/20 vision. Enter Emerica's newest secret weapon, Brandon Westgate. "He's mad steezy," says pretty much everyone. Yep, big + tech + style = fully killer. When you mix all the ingredients up right, everything just falls into place--the Emerican way.

Born on February 15, 1989 in Wareham, Massachusetts, this full-time student, East Coaster and skateboarder for the new millennium started pushing wood in the year 2000 in his driveway on a simple little box and flat bar. Although things have certainly progressed from there, it all remains simple and fun for Brandon, thanks to early influence from the legendary Gonz and one of skateboarding's most enduring documents of style and good times, Blind's Video Days.

These days, you can often find Brandon traversing the Eastern seaboard, skating and filming. When he's not doing that, he usually spends his off-board hours hanging out with friends and girls, eating at Wendy's and listening to Biggie Smalls. Upon casual acquaintance, your view of Brandon may be that of a soft-spoken thinker and observer who lets his skating do the talking, but once you get to know him, you better beware of that wicked sense of humor.

As for the always-looming future, Brandon says, "I'd just like to keep filming a lot, get as many photos as I can, and go as far as I can in skating and turn pro." Sounds like a man with a plan. Definitely keep your eyes and potatoes peeled for this young Emerican. Brandon Westgate has arrived.

Brandon rides for Emerica, Zoo York, Venture, Hubba, Swiss Bones and CCS.

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(16) responses to: Brandon Westgate Biography

  1. He got the cleanest tricks!

    WarrenJ's Emeritar WarrenJ Posted:
  2. Brandon Westgate has got ups...huge trick ups.

    gabebauman's Emeritar gabebauman Posted:
  3. Brandon is the man, i remember skating with this kid when he was mad little, now i see him at skaters edge everynoe and then...and hes insanely good!!!

    flatlander's Emeritar flatlander Posted:
  4. I love skateboarding

    PAskater's Emeritar PAskater Posted:
  5. you do the sickest backside threes ive seen pretty much ever

    mikeskatesnj's Emeritar mikeskatesnj Posted:
  6. westgates dope.

    got josh?!'s Emeritar got josh?! Posted:
  7. Zoo York premier at Kinetic next fri Night . Westgates part is off the chain

    kineticskateboarding's Emeritar kineticskateboarding Posted:
  8. when r u gitting your own shoe

    swicher's Emeritar swicher Posted:
  9. Brandon Westgate is NOTHING but butters.

    chrispybrown's Emeritar chrispybrown Posted:
  10. get a signature shoe!

    emerica1703's Emeritar emerica1703 Posted:
  11. Brandon Westgate's zoo york part should have won best part of 2009. I've never seen his combination of ease, power, and dexterity.

    He's like Tom Penny and Reynolds love child. I can't wait for his Stay Gold part.

    jackbarclay's Emeritar jackbarclay Posted:
  12. he is so awesome

    emericaman5's Emeritar emericaman5 Posted:
  13. in the thrasher mag with all the interviews with homies on emerica about stay gold if you go to westgates interview on the first page of it look at his shoes they say westgate on the tongue! he besta realease those soon cuz they look hella steezy

    whitelightning16's Emeritar whitelightning16 Posted:
  14. SKILLS

    croc5ter-67's Emeritar croc5ter-67 Posted:
  15. Stay Gold Bro! your my idol... thumbs up! For me, Your already a Professional Skateboarder! i really want to see you and go out skating with you some day bro... Good Luck with your skateboarding scene and Stay Gold!

    karlo-javier's Emeritar karlo-javier Posted:
  16. he's my favourite!

    rikjanschilder's Emeritar rikjanschilder Posted:

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