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  • yo leo were you at the great indoors in west philly when erik petersen blacbird raum and the moon bandits played?

    hailskatan's Emeritar hailskatan Posted:
  • T.C. MixTape Vol.15: #LedgeDancer Starring "TheCrew"!
    Edited By Marquis King And Eric King
    TruClass SkateShop!
    Subscribe Youtube.com/TCMIXTAPETV

    Premiered on The Berrics 1-22-13

    kingquis23's Emeritar kingquis23 Posted:
  • TCMT: "Special Day" http://youtu.be/lDzcsobOZl8

    kingquis23's Emeritar kingquis23 Posted:
  • TruClass Skateshop "Go Ham or Go Home!" Cookout/SkateJam Sat. April 14


    kingquis23's Emeritar kingquis23 Posted:
  • Hey men Im a really big fan from Madrid (spain) and I want u to tell me id u are coming over to Madrid again soon....

    rafamadrid3's Emeritar rafamadrid3 Posted:
  • always dropping hammers :)

    omar101skate's Emeritar omar101skate Posted:
  • Hey, Leo ... i'm your big fan from INDONESIA.

    months ago I bought "Romero 2", and you know what? fs overcrock have I got, and what you say?

    wawan's Emeritar wawan Posted:
  • Leo Romero u make the best shoes ever!! really like your shoes and your a good skater im a big fan!!

    josey's Emeritar josey Posted:

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From the run-down shacks and garbage-strewn vacant lots of Fontucky (also known as Fontana), California, comes the young whippersnapper Leo Romero. Plenty of filmers and fellow woodpushers alike admire Leo for his totally killer style, not to mention his uncanny ability to stomp the biggest sledghammers first try. Yep, he's a well-known handrail /...

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