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  • You rip man I really like all the shit you make.

    hideawaylights's Emeritar hideawaylights Posted:
  • PONTUS!!

    Nathan's Emeritar Nathan Posted:
  • i know his site there are lots of nice photos were it looks like riding in kind of dead towns.
    i collect those mags and have the aim to get into one of them with my art one day :)
    but i heard of carhartt they want to stop collabos and shut down streetwearsections in there shops in europe. this would take away a lot of creativity. know anything bout that ?

    No. but maybe's Emeritar No. but maybe Posted:
  • pontus, ive the rugged mag issue #2 liing in front of me were nils was always cutting your hand of while shooting the wallride nollie out ^^ its funny to see you here too ! your photos are always sick

    No. but maybe's Emeritar No. but maybe Posted:

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Ponus Alv Biography, 2011

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On or off a skateboard, Pontus is a driven man. From the spots he tears apart to the spots he builds by hand, he always makes his presence known and, in-turn, has become highly-respected the world over.

One of the pioneers of the original European skateboarding “exodus” to the USA; his early career saw him take his raw talent around the world before settling back in his home country of Sweden.

Now based in the city of Malmo, Pontus is a skateboarder, artist and filmmaker whose acclaimed films (and parts in) “Strongest Of The Strange” and “In Search Of The Miraculous” have left a mark on the world of skateboard movies that will never be forgotten. To wear your heart on your sleeve in all that you do is a rare commodity in the world of skateboarding. Pontus does it the only way he can … his way!

  • Age: 31 years old no grey hair yet.
  • Hometown: Malmö Sweden
  • Sponsors: Polar Skate Co, Emerica shoes, Carhartt Clothing, Autobahn Wheel Co., Independent trucks, Sweden and Bryggeriet skatepark
  • Cites: Malmö, New York, Tokyo
  • Spots: any DIY spot that we built in Malmö has been amazing. At the moment I mostly ride TBS (“trainbankskatepark”) or the new Steppe Side spot
  • Parks: our DIY spots are kind of like parks, so anyone of them. Or if I have to mention an official skatepark, I’ll say Sibbarp Skatepark in Malmö
  • Albums: I don’t do albums really; I do bands or songs. Joy Division, Sub Society and Sonic Youth to mention a few. Lately I’ve been into radio style Hip Hop and R ‘n B. Songs like “Empire State of Mind” by Jay Z and Alicia Keys. How about some Mariah Carey while we are at it?
  • Van tunes: on the my last tour the official song was “Too Many Man” by Boy Better Know
  • Video Parts: anything with Dennis Busenitz, Bobby Puleo or Mark Gonzalez does the trick for me
  • Essential tour items: my skateboard and my cameras
  • People to skate with: anyone who is cool, stoked on life and riding. But I mostly skate with my old friends from Malmö. We have so much history and things in common, which you don’t usually get with people you just met at a spot
  • Inspirational skateboarders: John Magnusson and the rest of the Malmö crew, Mark Gonzales, Dennis Busenitz, Bobby Puleo. Willy Akers is badass!
  • Food: any traditional Swedish food, Mexican food in SF and sushi in Tokyo
  • Books: I don’t really read, I’m a movie type of guy
  • Bars: Restaurant Lele or Rex in Malmö is good stuff
  • Things that make you happy: a good session with my friends at Step It Up-side or any other rad spot. Being alive and kind of healthy. Being able to do the things I love and get by doing it. My lovely girlfriend Bella and her cat Dio make me smile every day
  • Things that piss you off: I try to see the positive things these days. I’ve been in the dark fields for so many years so I’d rather not talk about it or think those types of thoughts
  • Reasons you skate for Emerica: ‘cause they do rad shit!

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