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Devi P
Good impact absorption

Great quality insoles and worth the price. The arch support is the perfect amount so that your foot fits in any shoe type. The heel and forefoot cushion is equal so very happy about that. The insole foam has a rubber cushion feel to it when stepping on it so perfect for skate comfort:)

The G6

They're def nice inserts and better than most I've come across n my last 37yrs but I will admit I did think that they would have been thicker than they turned out to be when they got to my house and I saw them. I was hoping that they would have been the same inserts that they used to have in the old Reynolds with the little gems in the shoe lace eyelets cuz those were the best inserts ever made by Emerica or any other company as far as u could have for skatin for sure. But that being said these are still good they're just not as great as they could have been. They're not really thick in the heel area so we'll have to see how much cushion they'll have once I've worn them in my blue Suede Dicksons that I put them in because I was looking for a little extra cush in them. I'm hoping that I'll be able to get 1yr from this set of inserts in my Blue Dicksons since they're my new favorite shoes I'll be wearing em a ton as my casual and skatin shoes, so I think 1 year would be we'll worth the $10 I paid for my set of these G6's since I got mine 50% off on the Emerica website during the 1/2 off site wide sale yall ran earlier this month for Christmas. But I'll do my best to remember to give an updated review of these G6 Inserts within the next month or two and let yall know how they've held up against skatin and livin'!! Well everyone, Merry Christmas! One!!

A true upgrade.

These are thicker than the regular g6 insoles from my slip-ons. Definitely added more comfort and protection.

Jestin Gaël
Better than the original ones

These spare insoles are even thicker than the ones provided in the pair of Low Vulc, providing more cushion. Just be cautious when trimming them to the right size (the printed shapes on the spare insoles are not the same size as the size indicated on the shoes).


I’ve been looking for ages for an insole similar to the Habitat footwear insoles for years, and these are exactly what I wanted. Good arch support, very cushioned and comfortable.