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Awesome shoes

I've had these shoes for 4 years now in full black, even the sole and I absolutely loved them to death, literally. I'm a big walker and live in a city center, so I walked hole in to the right shoe around the ball of my foot. My legs have a bit of a length difference, so my right foot shoes tend to get a bit more wear on the sole, but never have I used a shoe so much that I got a hole in the sole and that is saying something. I'm a big shoe person, but haven't the felt the need to buy new ones after I got these even though I used to by new sneakers every few months.. Really comfortable, sleek and versatile. Only complaint I have that I could have fixed myself is that the laces are bit long and tend to open because of that, but I have narrow feet so that' why a lot of the lace is also left over. Even though mine we're black suede they stayed looking really nice and black, even though I've worn them in all kinds of weather conditions. I did put a water and dirt repelling spray on them when I got them, but that's all the care I have done for these. They haven't really needed anything else. Just all around awesome shoes and good for skating too, my favourites even though I haven't skated much lately-

Felt like the worst...

Felt like the worst skate shoe ever but after breaking them in they are awesome! I thought the rubber insole would mean less board feel but is great. It's tough and durable too. Will definitely buy it again.

Where do I start? L...

Where do I start? Look good, built durable and tough, last pretty damn long. No other choice but to run them over with the car a couple times to break them. if you get for casual/occasional instead of skating... You'll be set, so throw out those old shoes.Your feet will thank you. in(tight on MY right,pinky knuckle/toe) but I have a medium/wider foot. My first pair originally 4-5yrs ago, I still have those same exact insoles and theyve been used in over 7 other pairs of skate shoes. Which is what made me want a 2nd pair. Old insoles are still in perfect condition(literally) and I still dont feel it when landing primo. You guys NAILED IT with them insoles.

Good shoes, love em!…

Good shoes, love em!! i think the dark grey is darker than the picture but i prefer it that way, nearly black really

Been skating these o…

Been skating these over and over since they came out. Favorite shoe ever