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Filip Lizak
Truskawki fermentują jak szampan

Z początku dobre, z czasem pokazują słabe strony i zachowawczość oraz lek przed utratą.

kevin ware
Best high top

These shoes skate good. Took a few days to break in the toe cap on the white ones, but after that they are great!


I recently purchased these at Tactics Skate Shop in Seattle…

This is a text I just sent to my buddy before realizing I should write a review…
“Man, I skated the **** out of those winkowski emericas, and there’s barely any wear and tear.
I have a little lifting from threads tearing up by the laces about midway up the shoe. But I didn’t even notice it until I sat down to glue the threads as a precautionary method this morning.
These things give massive board feel, and so far seem pretty durable, comfortable, and in my opinion, are kinda sick looking. Not to mention… they aren’t clunky feeling like my last emericas.
I’m pretty **** stoked that I came across these ones.

While I think I basically fall in love with 2/3s of the shoes I skate, I can honestly say that I’m impressed by these.

The amount of skating I did this last week in them would match pretty closely to the amount of skating I’ve done in some of my other shoes that tore up a lot quicker. Because it’s not as though I get eleven two plus hour sessions in all that often.” (And especially in one week)

These shoes fit really well. I have messed up feet. Fallen arches. A broken toe that healed into a hammer toe. And often my feet just simply ache whether I’m skating, sitting, running, standing, sleeping, whatever. But these shoes have somehow seemed to lessen some of that pain… or rather, aches, when skating in them.
I’ve been buying most shoes lately a half size to a size up, I bought these in an 11.5, which is a half size up, due to my weird **** pinky toe on my right foot. But on my left foot I’d say an 11 would have been perfect, so true to size is my point.
Something about the construction on these shoes seems to be keeping me from getting my normal wear and tear from heel flips, as well as from kick flips.
I haven’t even begun to tear a lace, whereas normally I tear laces within two to three sessions.
I bought the black and purple pair, and they look so sick when I look down at my feet while skating.
Also, I sweat, A LOT, and these shoes, while not the most breathable, seem to be decently breathable for a taller shoe. But… it’s only been up to about 83° around here as of late. So time will tell. I’m stoked though.
For what it’s worth… I’m 6’0” tall on a good day. And 197-205lbs depending on how many tacos I’ve eaten. I’m not a great skater at all. I’m forty. I can kickflip and heelflip most days, do some front boards and tail slides, and some nose grinds and stuff like that. I’m not launching myself off ten stairs these days. But the impacts I have taken in them, from some like three foot drops, with my flat **** feet… have been pretty well cushioned by the G6 insoles.
Coming from a beat to **** veteran who has put many a miles on his feet… these shoes are worth your money. I’m gonna order a pair of the whites when I can., because I feel like I finally found a shoe I’m stoked to continue skating.
If I find a negative, I’ll come back and write about it. But so far I haven’t. (Only time will tell I suppose)

A vegan shoe that skates well!

Super good. Emerica killed it on this one. Reminds me a lot of his vegan omen color way which was an incredible skate shoe.

Solid shoe

Looks so sick, skates super well, feels really comfy love the rubber toe cap too. Solid mid top would recommend definitely getting another pair.